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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Starts and Finishes

This has been a really cold winter - we've already had 4 snow days and my power and gas bills are awful. 
 A visitor to my porch in South Carolina.  A friend called this winter the Weather of Northern Aggression.

Since I've been spending a lot of time indoors, I decided to finish a bunch of projects.  My New Years resolution for the start of the year  is to finish one project every month!

January is National Knit Mittens Month (see this Ravelry link for information).  I love spillyjane knits and all things owlish, so I started these mittens that she designed.  The challenge is to finish the pair by January 31st.  Camille the cat is daring me to do it.  Spillyjane has also designed the NaKnMiMo'11 mittens (called Juanita) and I have the pattern, but I have to finish a few things before I start something new.
Speaking of finishing, I finally found the right buttons for the French Press Knits slippers I finished knitting last October.  They are really warm and soft.
I finished my Rouge Roses socks.  The picture is from the publisher, I did mine in Blue Moon Fiber Arts medium weight, in Jabberwocky. I love these socks - warm and pretty. I read a lot of knitting blogs, including Spillyjane and the Yarn Harlot (who designed these socks). 

I am still working on my Tonder lace handkerchief - it needs to be finished by March 5th, when I'm taking a lace workshop with the designer, Bobbi Donnelly.
I also have some other lace projects that I need to finish to free up some pillows for Lace at Sweet Briar in June.  So many projects to finish - I'm looking forward to that warm glowing feeling of accomplishment to make the winter fly away.

My local lace guild Golden Bobbins has created a new website and the North Carolina Regional Lacers elected me president at the Fall Lace Day in October - more stuff on my to do list.

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  1. M., the first mitten looks great. Camille looks like she'll slap you around if you don't finish the pair, so chop chop!

    Sorry that we'll miss you at the February CKG meeting, but we'll probably see you at the Feb. G.B. meeting.