Dragonfly in Milanese lace

Friday, March 30, 2012

Tonder Lace

Having finally recuperated from the broken hand, I have started making lace again.  I took a Tonder lace workshop with Bobbin Donnelly in Hillsborough, NC last week and started a new piece.  Of course, I haven't yet finished any of the other pieces I'm working on, but I've gotten my motivation back.  The workshop was excellent - Bobbi is a good teacher and her designs and patterns are very nice.  I started one of her reconstructions of a Danish covercloth.

It has 60 pairs of 140/2 cotton and 4 pairs of DMC no. 25 cotton gimp.  A covercloth is part of a traditional bonnet and is about 3 inches wide.  The lace is not too hard to make, but requires a lot of bobbin management.
I'm also working on a narrow edging called Bertha that I bought from Karelly lace service in Denmark
My granddaughter is having her 1st communion next summer and this edging will go on her veil.

This is another Tonder lace I am working on.  This one is called "Josephine" and has 52 pairs of 140/2 bobbins and 6 pairs of gimp.
Tonder lace is beautiful, but it requires a lot of time and dedication.  Fortunately, Spring and Summer vacations are coming and I will be able to dedicate a lot of time to lacemaking.
The Tonder Lace Festival is next summer in Denmark- check out their website.


  1. The website seems to be 'not found' Would so love to see it, I am a Buckspoint fan.

  2. Try http://www.kniplings-festival.dk/